A glimpse of our history

It all started with the concern from our two founders, which then turned into a passion to build their own community and preschool so that they could bring more extensive and meaningful impact to the education in Indonesia. Our two founders, Tirza Octaviani and Vania Octaviani, were not formally prepared to be teachers. Nevertheless, as they have been through their teaching career, they have been developing and honing their skills as well as sharpening their passion in teaching little children.
Starting in 2015, their very first year in teaching at a preschool, the concerns towards the quality of preschool education have arisen. They both, then, dreamed to build their own school after they witnessed and experienced themselves how low the teachers’ quality, wellbeing and school quality in Indonesia, but nothing much they could do. It all started from this point of their life, then they keep improving and looking for ways they could make their vision comes to life.
With the support from their family, Tirza and Vania both continued their study and took a two-year master’s degree program in early childhood education in Universitas Pelita Harapan, starting from February 2016. While they were taking this course, they were also still teaching, however, now at different preschools. As both were studying and moving on their career, they were improving their knowledge and passion. Their study was completed in early 2018, as well as their career in the preschool they were teaching. Nearing to the end of their study, they had started discussing and preparing everything they needed to start a preschool and daycare. It was not all romance, definitely, but they enjoyed the process to make the dream comes true.
A foundation to take care the school, Yayasan Mitra Anak Sejahtera, was established on 20 April 2018, and the struggle and effort were continued, until the day that Little Seed Preschool and Daycare conducted its very first Open House at 2-4 August 2018 and started the daily activities on 6 August 2018.
LITTLE SEED-26 panjang
In sum, Little Seed Preschool and Daycare was started with a concern that many preschools over-focused and over-emphasized academic development and achievement and that character development is frequently neglected. Our two founders realize, understand and believe that age of 6 years old or below are is the golden period for children to learn to possess strong characters, not only to learn and develop their intelligence. With this idea in mind, Little Seed Preschool and Daycare seeks to help children, as well as parents, to learn to become effective learners and leaders who are developed in balanced and fun learning environment.